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Intuitive. Whimsical. Sophisticated. Words often heard my work described as as a senior-level Art Director/Graphic Designer/Illustrator. Upon graduating from Ringling College of Art & Design with a B.F.A. in 1996, I established my creative freelance brand = studioerin = which has earned international awards and accolades across a multi-medium spectrum ever since. Residing in South Florida, I've developed a diverse clientele within the entertainment industry (music, film/tv, fashion) over the years, which continues to be a dream come true; a passion stemming from lifelong influences. I'm also an active voting member of the Recording Academy (Grammy's/Latin Grammy's) and enjoy discovering talent from all around the globe.


The 4th artist in my family, I was born in Jackson, Michigan in the early 70's. Always inspired by kitsch, quirk and the bright colors of pop culture, my artistic journey was second nature by the age of 4. I began exploring many mediums almost immediately… drawing, painting, collage, photography ~ anything I could get my hands on to add a twist to my version of the world around me.


Memories are still vivid of entering numerous children's art competitions, but none were so highlighted as the excitement of having a few of my classic monster drawings appear in the kid's Art Ghoullery on the Detroit-based campy/B-movie TV show Sir Graves Ghastly! Amid countless hours of watching The Monkees, Lost in Space & The Munsters, I was also heavily influenced by the images of the 40's/50's… movies (esp the artwork of the posters!), big band, early rock-n-roll, cars, fashion and architecture.


After moving to Florida in the mid-80's, an explosion of abstract perceptions, surreal images and the resurgence of nostalgic revivals brought out a deeper essence of my psyche. Further experimentation throughout high school lead to my instantaneous acceptance to Ringling during my portfolio review (bypassing a 2-year waiting list). The rest is history, which ironically has come full-circle with hints of my accumulative inspirations prevalent in my work today.


With clients spanning from musicians, bands, record labels, recording studios, television networks and film festivals to fashion shows, magazines and non-profits, I'm reminded to channel my inner child as I continue to broaden my skill-set while embracing emerging technology in many facets.






— Erin Starks

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